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Center for Intercultural Studies - University of Verona


The main aim of the Centre for Intercultural Studies, established at the Department of Educational Science in 1998, is to conduct research, provide cultural services, and develop education theories and teaching methods for a pluralist and multicultural society

The Centre supports and engages in intercultural education, counseling, research and training for schools and professionals in the fields of education, healthcare, social work, law, culture management, business, media and local government.

The Centre operates in collaboration with several institutions, authorities and associations, both public and private, national and international, and with accredited professionals. It also cooperates with the IAIE (International Association for Intercultural Education).

The Centre disseminates knowledge and information at a local, national and international level to researchers, experts, educators, social workers, and economic and legal advisers.

Professor Agostino Portera, director


  • A permanent group for intercultural education composed of members from different institutions;
  • A permanent commitment to academic and educational consulting on the theme of intercultural education for educators at all levels and in all settings, as well as social workers, university students and post graduates;
  • Organization of national and international conferences and seminars in the fields of intercultural education, management and communication;
  • Research, consulting and organization of vocational and refresher courses for teachers and other professionals in education (especially regarding education theory and teaching methods, verbal communication, Cooperative Learning, intercultural education and conflict management);
  • Research, consulting and organization of vocational courses to aid professionals in the fields of business, law, social work and health care, media (Intercultural Journalism and Social Media) in identifying the nature of conflicts, employing methods of intercultural management and intercultural communication, and improving the social conditions of their clients;
  • A one-year master’s program available via distance learning in “Intercultural Competence and Management – Intercultural Mediation and Communication” for professionals in the fields of education, business, social work, health care, and mass media (intercultural journalism, social media, European video journalism), in cooperation with various national and international institutions,  especially the International Association for Intercultural Education and the Universities of Cologne, Würzburg, London, and Madrid.

Research interests

  • The Image of Self and Others; Theory and Methods of Intercultural Education; Identity in the Context of Migration; the Condition of Immigrant Minors and Adolescents in Italy;
  • Intercultural Language Teaching; Family Education in a Multicultural Society; Interracial Families and Adoption; Intercultural Education for Citizenship.
  • Intercultural competences in the fields of education, business, social work, health care, law, mass-media (Intercultural Journalism, Socia Media and European video Journalism) and intercultural mediation; the European “Inter Network” Project;
  • The Erasmus+ projects “Mapping Teacher Training in Europe”, “Creation of Continuous Development Programme for Educators”, the Comenius project “Renewing Intercultural Competences and Knowledge Spaces”, Cooperative Learning and Conflict Resolution;
  • Intercultural Communication in the Media (Intercultural Journalism, Social Media and Europea video Journalism); Intercultural Mediation and Conflict Management in Business.

About the Master in Intercultural Competence and Management

Center for Intercultural Studies: contacts

Director: Professor Agostino Portera
Università degli Studi di Verona – Dipartimento di Scienze Umane – Centro Studi Interculturali
Via Vipacco, 7 – I – 37129  Verona (Italy)
Phone +390458028147 – Email: centro.interculturale@ateneo.univr.it